Why Your Blog Post Need Better Images?

Drawing the attention of readers towards a BLOG POST is quite a difficult task unless it has an eye catchy image supporting that blog or a headline about a controversial topic. It has been proved that blog posts with image gather 93% more views than a blog without an image. Be it an info graphic or a graphic design, images have a greater role to play in SOCIAL MEDIA.

So basically an image has to be carefully designed in order to convey the exact message. Let us discuss the basic image processing techniques which will help in creating the images for blog posts.

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First Impression:

Image containing the best visual content ultimately draws the attention of the readers. Grabbing the attention is alone not the target but the image should make them to engage with the content. Also never ending paragraphs with boring content also can be replaced by an info graphic image to convey the important information in a simple way. And at last not to forget use only relevant images supporting the blog.

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Image Processing:

To come out with a suitable image for the blog, make use of image processing software’s like Photoshop, Illustrator and Coral Draw. Using them you can create simple shapes, vectors, illustrations etc. which forms a part of the image. Keep in mind that over use of shapes and designs also spoils the outlook of an image.

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Color & Fonts:

It is a known fact that a warmer color always draws the eyes of anyone. Warmer the color better the attraction. Use of primary colors is always suggested while designing an image. Along with color the font used in the image designing also matters. Typeface varies according to the subject of posts. For example a controversial or a serious blog post needs any of serif fonts.

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Effects Added to the image:

Placement of image differs from post to post. Right from header to footer of a blog article, an image can be accommodated conveniently but make sure the content and image don’t cluster. Too much of effects applied to image also blur the information which has to be conveyed to the readers.

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Ideas on image processing:

Basic outline of what the image is going to convey has to be prepared before designing an image. Whether the information can be conveyed through an info graphic or a graphic design, information should be given in lists or charts everything has to be planned in the idea generation stage itself. When using design elements make sure to use the original icons rather than creating a replica of that icon.

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On a concluding note, all these tools/tips will help to come up with an image which goes perfectly fine with the blog of your subject.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create the best visual images for your blogs now.





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