Why Traditional Media Is Still Important In 2015?

Traditional media refers to the common, well known, easily accessible, conventional means of mass communication and expression that has been in existence for a long time. To put it simply, anything that was used for mass communication before the advent of the internet falls under traditional media. This includes television ,movies, radio, magazines, books, newspapers and other print publications. While it is important to note that the field of new media is growing and getting stronger, it does not look like Traditional Media will be replaced any time soon. Traditional media is still an important source of information and communication and will be for a long time.

The following are a few reasons why traditional media isn’t really so traditional:
1) The evolution of something new doesn’t have to kill the old

While new things do replace old things in many situations, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Traditional media and new media can be used together which can in fact lead to innovative marketing strategies. For example, a company can first let out a small insight of a new product through a print ad. Then they can increase its audience’s excitement through a television commercial and finally before actually releasing the product, it can release an interactive ad on the internet.


2) Traditional media gives people some space

People are always plugged in these days. Laptops, computers, phones, Ipods, Ipads.. the list goes on. People long to unplug and spend some time with a cup of coffee and a book or a newspaper. It allows them to give themselves space and time to think and just to be with themselves.


3) Traditional media can be exciting

Believe it or not, print media can excite people. Now-a-days there is so much information available on the internet that a new sort of thinking trend has started to set in. People have started giving more importance to things that are printed on paper. They think that if it’s printed, it’s probably important.


4) Traditional media has a bigger audience

While it is true that the internet is an easily accessible source of knowledge, our country is one in which a large chunk of population still do not have easy access to the internet. The only sources of news and knowledge of products/services available to them is the information that they manage to obtain from traditional media. Newspapers are cheap and easy to handle. Television ads can be understood by larger populations, even people who do not know how to read.


Therefore, it seems safe to say that even in 2015, with the internet growing faster than ever, traditional media still has a long life to live.

Posted on May 20, 2015 in Journal

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