How Facebook Engagements Could Get You Best Results!

The term engagement has shaped a different perspective after the introduction of Social Media. To be precise, the term refers to the number of likes, shares and comments which a post gets from the consumers. And to get the maximum engagement from the consumers social media marketers are forced to develop creative approaches for posts which will ensure the consumers’ engagement. There are few approaches which will help the budding marketers to make their fan pages get the required attention by means of engaging their audience.

Let us take a review of 5 such approaches which help in engaging consumers.

High Quality Photos and Video Content:

Want to show your audience about your product in a simple and crisp way? There is no other way better than putting up a post with a HD image or a video accompanied by fewer text or no text at times. Industries like travel, food, fashion, beauty, art etc. develop added engagement using this approach.



Not only the potential consumers but anyone will be attracted to an image or a visual which contains delicious food, breath taking holiday destination or a wedge available at a super cool discount price.


The “Caption This” type of statuses:

Another interesting way to hike your figures of comment section is using the approach “caption this”. It relies 90% on visuals and 10% on text. Attention-grabbing images can gain many consumers towards the page. Also not to forget about the brand promotion too that has to be conveyed through the image.



As a suggestion one can find these kinds of images in Reddit site, which contains such awe inspiring images.


The “Like” and “Share” Options:

The widely used approach used in engaging the consumers is the “like” and “share” option. The consumers are asked to like if they support the option A and comment if they support the option B. The kind of image which these posts will contain will have an image dived into two parts having two options.



The engagement of consumers will be clearly visible from this simple approach.


Ask a question??

What can be the best way other than directly making your audience speak to you? This is achieved by asking questions to them regarding their interest towards the brand, how much they like the brand and how would they like the brand to be. Asking these questions not only will engage the audience towards the website but also it will enable the organization to know about the consumers view on the brand.



Tip: Make use of multiple choice type questions also at times which will augment the engagement of audience.


Trending Topics:

This is the latest trend among the social media which is using the trending topics to shape up their posts. These types of posts have greater reach and manipulating this to augment a brand is an adroit approach.



A perfectly timed post will is sure to make an impact in the consumers circle and don’t forget to use hashtag while posting about any story. Engaging the potential consumers through the posts is essential in starting stages of social media marketing since it is considered the easiest way of attracting the audience towards your product.

So thinking of staring a new fan page for your brand?

Don’t forget to follow these approaches to make your audience engage in your brand.

Posted on June 8, 2015 in THEOS STUDIOS, Social Media

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