Common Mistakes That Logo Designers Make

A graphic mark, symbol or emblem that is used to refer to a particular bran or company is called a logo. These are created so that one can identify with the brand or company. It also enhances public recognition on all types of media. The importance of a logo for a company is widely known. However, before designing a logo, one must understand that one can make several common mistakes that have been made before. In order to avoid making these mistakes, one must first be aware of what these mistakes could be. Given below are the common mistakes that logo designers can make.



The first rule of logo designing is to be original – completely original. A lot of smaller, new companies look at successful, big companies and are tempted to reproduce a similar logo. Aping the logos of these well known companies is a huge mistake for logo designing. These companies are widely popular and customers/clients will see that your logo isn’t unique by itself. A logo is the face of a company and therefore says a lot about your company. You don’t want your logo passing off such a message.



While it is understandably desirable to create a logo that perks the interest of one’s clients/customers, you do not want to make your logo too complicated. If your logo is too complicated, it will lose detail and clarity. A simple logo will be easy for your clients/customers to recall/remember it. Don’t make the mistake of complicating your logo too much.



Stylish fonts are fine as long as they can be easily read. Try and match the text in you logo to the icon in your logo. Don’t make the mistake of using more than two fonts or your logo can look messy and will be difficult to remember.



While it is good and even advisable to keep a track of the current trends, it is important that you do not allow your logo to be too influenced by these trends. Although a logo that follows a trend too much will be easily relatable to and understandable by clients, it will also reflect laziness and lack of innovation. If you’re basing your logo off a trend, try and make it as unique and original as possible.



Before one uses colour in the logo that is being designed, it is important to understand the meaning that each colour conveys to the audience. If a wrong colour is used, a wrong message can be conveyed. Make sure you understand the company/business that you are designing a logo for. Learn and understand their actives before designing their logo. The colours used must reflect what they do and/or what they stand for.



Logos can be either passive or active. Unless you’re sure you want a passive, business – like, static logo, try and make your logo more active. Try to create a feeling of motion and action through your logo. Many logo designers take the easy way out and make the mistake of designing only passive logos. Remember, an active logo will make it more unique and memorable. The twitter logo is a good example of an active logo.


Although these are common mistakes that many logo designers make, keep in mind that there are no strict rules in design. Explore, design and redesign, and you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Posted on May 29, 2015 in THEOS STUDIOS, Designing

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