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15 Best Packaging That Led To Its Brand Image

Think about your most recent purchase. Why did you purchase that specific brand? Was it an impulse buy or something that you genuinely needed? Now that you are thinking about it, odds are, you bought it because it was interesting. Yes, you may have needed shampoo, but did you need that specific brand? The one…

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How Facebook Engagements Could Get You Best Results!

The term engagement has shaped a different perspective after the introduction of Social Media. To be precise, the term refers to the number of likes, shares and comments which a post gets from the consumers. And to get the maximum engagement from the consumers social media marketers are forced to develop creative approaches for posts…

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A Beginner’s Guide: How To Create A Successful Social Media Plan

In order to create a social media marketing plan, one must first understand what exactly a social media marketing plan is. To put it simply, a social media marketing plan is the summary of everything that you want and plan to do in the hope of achieving popularity for your business using social networks. This…

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5 Easy Steps To Get Likes On Facebook

Facebook is the king of all social media networks and looks like it will be for a long time. Therefore good social media marketing plans always include Facebook. Making a page on Facebook for your company/business is just the first step. The difficult part is getting people to like your page. More likes indicates a…

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Best Advertising Practices of Facebook That Will Help You

Advertising has always been the prime stream for marketing a product efficiently right from bygone. And in the present scenario where the traditional media is substituted by the new media, every creative marketer of a company makes sure the product is consistently makes its presence online for larger reach. They inculcate different advertisement strategies like…

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