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15 Best Packaging That Led To Its Brand Image

Think about your most recent purchase. Why did you purchase that specific brand? Was it an impulse buy or something that you genuinely needed? Now that you are thinking about it, odds are, you bought it because it was interesting. Yes, you may have needed shampoo, but did you need that specific brand? The one…

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How To Write An Effective Design Brief?

When creating a design brief, imagine anything and everything you may need to complete the project. You don’t have to ask all of the questions (it may depend on the project), but sometimes more information is better than not enough. Start by doing your research before the call or meeting. Check out their website and social…

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2 Main Reasons Why You Should Buy Commercial Fonts

Logos are graphical representations of companies/businesses. As any logo designer knows, every element used in a logo is important and can convey different meanings. Colours used in logos are used for a reason and often stand for a symbol of what the company does or believes in. In the same way, the font used in…

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Common Mistakes That Logo Designers Make

A graphic mark, symbol or emblem that is used to refer to a particular bran or company is called a logo. These are created so that one can identify with the brand or company. It also enhances public recognition on all types of media. The importance of a logo for a company is widely known.…

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Guidelines To Make A Good Logo For Your Brand

Guidelines To Make A Good Logo For Your Brand A logo is a graphic mark, symbol or emblem used in order to refer to a particular brand/company/organization/product. Logos are created in order to identify with the brand/company/organization/product and in order to enhance public recognition of the mentioned. With the help of a logo, the organization…

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Best Business Cards in the World!

A business card is a very important aspect for any business. It’s interesting to see not just creative businesses like agencies, design firms and photographers using creative cards but also lawyers, doctors, finance professionals, etc. Go through these best 5 business cards around the world and be amazed!     Transformable Cargo Box Business Card…

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