Best Advertising Practices of Facebook That Will Help You

Advertising has always been the prime stream for marketing a product efficiently right from bygone. And in the present scenario where the traditional media is substituted by the new media, every creative marketer of a company makes sure the product is consistently makes its presence online for larger reach. They inculcate different advertisement strategies like ads which appear in the right column side and ads which appear news feeds to reach their targeted audience in their own and unique way. Such advertisements posted via Facebook is divided into categories for better understanding of advertising through social media.




Remember the latest video ad campaign of Maggi for mother’s day. They subtly conveyed their concept using the puppet show showcased by both mom and her loving daughter. Advertisements like these mostly come up in news feed and they mostly have a greater reach because of the rich visual content. To go by the recent announcement by Facebook that they would treat more of video ads in timeline every organisation is now keen on making at most use of this chance for making a striking presence online.


Source: Facebook

The key advantage of video ads over the other is that when served with rich visual content and an appealing story they can have massive reach among the youngsters.



Want to engage your target audience by putting by beautiful pictures of your product? The best way is the use of photo ads. They are more or less similar to the traditional print media ads but when the apt visual content is picked they do reach the audience. Any print ad will be more successful when it call for an action after looking at the ad.



Source: Facebook

Not to forget about the appropriate tagline line and hashtags which adds more value to the photo ads.



Being introduced from June 20 the multipurpose ads serves multiple advantages over the other advertisements. As the name suggests, the Facebook makes the marketing job of E-commerce giants by the introduction of this kind of ads. These ads typically allows the customers to view more products from the particular company in a single ad-which is, in a single advertisement of the company they are able to place their different product links which are easy to access.



Source: Facebook

And again they should also contain rich visual content for the greater reach.



With the upsurge in the traffic of online shopping websites, competition among the E-commerce sites have augmented visibly. The only way they compete is by proposing different offers on their products. The benefit of offer ads is that they direct their customers directly to the offers. They mostly appear both as news feed ads and also in right column ads.




Source: Facebook



They are the sponsored ads which tend to appear both as news feed ads and right column ads. The content of these ads are originally from their websites and the site is boosted by payment of advertising money. That is the organisation pays for Facebook to gain more likes, comments and shares to show that the organisation is dominant.




An added advantage for this kind of ad is that it reaches out to a lot number of people thereby increasing the likes, comments and shares for a particular post. The reach of this ad can be customised according to the budget allocated.

Thinking to start an ad-campaign in Facebook? Consider these powerful ways before to make your content reach wide audience. Post your comments to share your views with us.


Posted on May 20, 2015 in Social Media

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