An Interactive Session on Copy Writing at THEOS

At THEOS, we try to keep things as creative and fun as possible. However, we also make sure that our love for fun does not interfere in the professionalism that we strive to maintain. On Saturdays, we had a knowledge transferring session in which our expert team member shared their knowledge on a topic of their choice.

The topic chosen was Copy Writing, taken by Shreya Giridhar who is our creative manager at THEOS. Her presentation kept us all engrossed by her knowledge that she imparted on us.

Things you must know about copy writing are as follows…

Copy writing is written content conveyed through any medium – Print, TV or the Internet. This written material is often used to persuade a person or a group as well as to raise brand awareness. The presentation started off with an explanation of what copy writing is and took us to a glimpse into the history of copy writing and advertising. The necessary qualities of a good copywriter were also well explained, which are as follows:

  1. Your Attention, Please!
  2. Eye-Catching Headings and Bullet Points
  3. Keep It Short and Simple
  4. Call to Action
  5. Identify Your Target Audience
  6. Connect With Your Audience
  7. Know Your Product and Services
  8. Proof-read

After the introduction, came the main interesting part. The appeals of advertising were introduced and explained along with attractive, attention-grabbing examples. The examples used showed us how well word puns can be used in order to convey the right message with a twist to the audience.

So share your interesting points and comments on copy writing with us!!

Posted on May 28, 2015 in Fun, THEOS STUDIOS

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