A Beginner’s Guide: How To Create A Successful Social Media Plan

In order to create a social media marketing plan, one must first understand what exactly a social media marketing plan is. To put it simply, a social media marketing plan is the summary of everything that you want and plan to do in the hope of achieving popularity for your business using social networks. This means that every action you make on social networks in the name of your company/business contributes to your social media marketing plan. Although this isn’t an easy job, everyone can learn how to do this. The trick is to approach it correctly.

These are a few steps that you can follow to create a successful social media marketing plan.


Make sure you have decided what you want and hope to achieve. You have to know what you’re going to be working towards. Strive to achieve these goals no matter what. Try setting deadlines for yourself and it might make you achieve them faster. Make sure your goals are specific and attainable. If you set targets that are out of reach, you’ll end up discouraging yourself.


Explore the different Social Media sites and choose which ones you want to include in your social media marketing plan. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more commonly used social sites however it is your duty to study the audience you want to reach and see which sites they access in order to reach out to them.


Once you have studied your audience and decided which social websites you are going to using, it’s time to create an account on these sites for your business/company. Once you create your account, refine your profile and make them interesting. Remember to keep updating them. Make interesting posts and advertise in creative ways to make sure your accounts capture the attention of the online population. Remember that your accounts will need consistent activity in order to rise in popularity.


You must always remember that your company/business isn’t the only one with a social media marketing plan. Keep an eye on your competitors. While their activity and success may not be comforting, you can gain inspiration from your competitors for content and information shared. Follow your competitors on these social websites and learn everything you can.


Good content is essential if you want to succeed at social media marketing. Manage your content – decide what type of content you will post, how often you will post your content, the target audience for your content, who will create your content and how you will promote the content. Try and stick to the plans you lay out.


This is a very necessary step. As you reach goals, expand them and set new goals. If new networks come up, add them to your plan. New challenges will emerge that you will have to tackle. You might need to employ people to help you. If your social presence really grows, you might even need to employ more people for different branches or countries. Remember that every plan you make has to be a flexible one.

Social media marketing plans have been successful and still are. Keep in mind that you should update the entire team with every step that you make.

Posted on June 3, 2015 in THEOS STUDIOS, Social Media

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