5 Easy Steps To Get Likes On Facebook

Facebook is the king of all social media networks and looks like it will be for a long time. Therefore good social media marketing plans always include Facebook. Making a page on Facebook for your company/business is just the first step. The difficult part is getting people to like your page. More likes indicates a bigger fan base which indicates popularity. After all, popularity is what every company/business wants.

In order to gain more likes for your Facebook page, one must develop a strategy. Here are a few tactics to help you get those much needed and wanted likes on Facebook.



People will like your page only if they like what they see on your page. Therefore the content you post needs to be interesting and engaging enough for them to give your page a like. Create good posts, makes sure they’re fun and interesting to read.



In order to attract more attention and therefore more likes to your Facebook page, make sure you share it on your personal Facebook profile. Share it along with a small paragraph of what your page is about and what kind of content you plan on posting. Inviting people to like your page is also a good way of getting your page liked on Facebook.



Understand that a page that has no activity will not attract people. In order to get your Facebook page liked, it is necessary that you frequently update your page’s feed with some content or the other. Short status updates, picture uploads, and blog posts are all counted as activity. It is necessary to be consistent.



Believe it or not, Facebook ads actually help boost the popularity of your page. If you set up your ad right, it can send your page to a bigger audience. However, Facebook ads are not free, they need to be paid for. Set up your ad correctly according to your strategy in order to avoid wasting money.



If your audience visits your blog often, it is a good step to add the ‘Find us on Facebook’ option to your blog. This gives them quick access and enables them to like your Facebook page with just a single click.


So there you have it. Go on ahead. Create your Facebook page and rack up those likes!

Posted on June 1, 2015 in THEOS STUDIOS, Social Media

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