2 Main Reasons Why You Should Buy Commercial Fonts

Logos are graphical representations of companies/businesses. As any logo designer knows, every element used in a logo is important and can convey different meanings. Colours used in logos are used for a reason and often stand for a symbol of what the company does or believes in. In the same way, the font used in a logo is also an important element. While a stylish font will make your logo look good, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the font is legible.

With the internet providing information and data for free, finding diverse font types is no longer a hassle. Many fonts are available for free however there are many fonts that are for sale as well. The issue of whether to use a free available font or to buy one of the several commercial fonts available for sale has been something that many logo designers have been tackling for a while now.

Although the diverse options of free fonts can be tempting, it must be understood that these fonts are free for a reason. They cannot be relied on for two main reasons.



This is one of the biggest issues with free fonts. The quality that these free fonts offer isn’t always good enough. Many times the quality isn’t consistent either.



Free fonts are free for everyone and everyone. This means that they could be used by a large population. This takes away the unique factor of your font. It can make what you’re designing common and boring.


That being said, there are many reputable sources to get free fonts. Depending on what you’re designing and what you want to convey you can either buy a font or use a free one.

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Posted on May 29, 2015 in THEOS STUDIOS, Designing

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