10 simple photography tips

Photography is an interesting and exciting field of study. While many professionally take up photography courses, there are many who also pursue photography as a hobby. Here are a few good tips to help you take a perfect shot.

1) Focus on the eyes

While talking a portrait photograph it is important to try and focus on the person’s eyes. Sharp eyes make a picture attractive. Try and use central focus for the person’s eyes. While the model does not always have to have direct eye contact with the camera, make sure that the picture is sharpest and most focused around his/her eyes.


2) Interesting Lighting

Getting a picture that is well lit doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. Natural lighting is something every photographer likes to experiment with. Try taking shots near a window or with the light of a candle flame.


3) Try and capture landscapes how you see them

Landscape photography can be tricky. While polarizing effects are a famous option for landscape photographers, it is good for the photographer to try and capture the depth that s/he actually witnesses. To increase the depth of your picture, use smaller apertures and then try to manually focus on the distance. This takes time to get right. Keep practicing!


4) Get rid of autofocus

While autofocus seems like a great option most of the time, remember that it’s the lazy options. Great pictures are rarely auto focused. Switch to manual focusing and keep taking pictures in order to get the hang of it. You’ll be taking amazing pictures in no time.


5) Wildlife photography needs research

While it is obvious that the best wildlife shots are taken on the spur of the moment, it is necessary for you to understand how the species that you are photographing is likely to behave in specific situations. Study the species you wish to photograph before you actually photograph it. Wildlife photography can be difficult and dangerous. Try practicing at a zoo first.


6) Using a tripod

While not all photographers like this option, it is extremely helpful especially for night photography when the you’ll have to work with long exposures. Any movement will affect the picture and make it blurred. If you want a clear, sharp, night picture, try a tripod.


7) Don’t stick the camera to your face

This is especially important if you are interested in street photography. Not only will it make you look silly, but also it could be the reason you miss potential pictures. Look around and search for what you want to photograph. Also, try and look for crowded areas. More people, more activity and more photographs.


8) Keep the sun behind you

If you’re shooting out in the open, always remember to try and keep the sun behind you so that it’s light falls on what you are trying to photograph. Unless of course, you’re trying to take a majestic picture of the sun itself.


9) Try unexpected angles

Don’t always shoot an object in the conventional way. Experiment and try out new angles. You’ll be surprised with the results.


10) Don’t always zoom

If you want to take a zoomed picture remember that while it is an advantage to zoom and take a picture, you should try to try and get as close (physically) to the object that you want to photograph. This not only increases the quality of the picture, but also makes the shooting experience more fun.


Remember, that photography isn’t the easiest hobby and if you want good pictures, you’re going to have to practice a lot.

Posted on May 20, 2015 in Photography

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